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At its core, Empyreal Progeny is about belief. More specifically, about the need and desire to find something more than the humdrum existence of everyday life, but beginning to question whether it can even be found.

Overall, it’s a heavier, and more energetic album than Sweet Painful Reality, with a strong overtone of symphonic metal. But the catchy melodies, electronic sounds and moody atmosphere carry over from the first album.

Musically, it adds more complexity and technicality to the guitars and drums, as well as more diversity through explorations into progressive rock, jazz and atmospheric-industrial.

Empyreal Progeny means “descended from the highest heaven”, and uses a metaphorical angelic theme to exaggerate normal experiences into grandiose themes of power, corruption, meaning and loss.

Take A Listen

Below you can listen to all of the songs from Empyreal Progeny.


#2 Divine Affinity
A more straight-forward, driving song with a catchy chorus.

#9 Presence
A song that mixes electronic synths and a pulsing groove.

#12 Spire
A slow and powerful rhythmic song with a wistful emotional tone.

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You can also find this album here:

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Sweet Painful Reality

Slower, more melancholic and angsty

Moira’s Lake

More technical, theatrical and progressive


More accessible, musically varied, and introspective

Liner Notes

Year released:

Niko Van Steenhoven: vocals, synths, drums.
John Taylor: distorted/clean/lead guitars, guitar solo on #4, bass on #1, #5
Michael Dewey: distorted/clean/lead guitars, guitar solo on #7, bass

Composition info:
Music and lyrics written by Niko Van Steenhoven.
Additional arrangements by John Taylor and Michael Dewey
Guitars written by Niko Van Steenhoven, John Taylor, and Michael Dewey

Band photos by Ed Done.

Production info:
Recorded at Crucial Fiction Studios.
Engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Niko Van Steenhoven


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