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Moira’s Lake was designed to be listened to like a movie or a book, as one continuous musical story. It’s emotionally intense, often complex and sometimes even a bit uncomfortable.

The story paints a tragic picture of human nature and the self-destructive choices we can make. Murders and ghosts aside, on the surface, the story appears to be about the negative things that relationships can do to us, but at its core, it’s secretly a metaphor about the darker side of creativity.

Musically, it combines technical progressive metal and suspenseful film scores, with a dark, almost theatrical feel. The music is intended to act more as a soundtrack to the story, rather than a typical album of individual songs.

Take A Listen

Below you can listen to all of the songs from Moira’s Lake.


#6 “Chapter 6: The One That Got Away
A more accessible song, with a strong hook and energetic instrumental passages.

#9 “Chapter 9: A Million Pieces
An evolving progressive song that twists and turns through different dark emotional moments of the story.

#10 “Chapter 10: A Love That Lasts Forever
A short and bittersweet song with an almost mournful, and sadly-beautiful feel.

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Liner Notes

Year released:

Niko Van Steenhoven: vocals, synths.
John Taylor: distorted/clean/lead/acoustic guitars.
Bryan Romero: bass.
Eric Everhart: drums.

Composition info:
Music and lyrics written by Niko Van Steenhoven.
Additional arrangements by John Taylor and David McMillen.
Guitars written by Niko Van Steenhoven, John Taylor, David McMillen and Michael Dewey.

Crime scene photos by Bailey Wilson.

Production info:
Recorded at Crucial Fiction Studios.
Engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Niko Van Steenhoven, with additional mixing assistance by Thomas Drinnen.


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