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Sweet Painful Reality is a moody, melancholy record that explores themes of self-worth, loneliness and unrequited love.

Musically, it combines guitar and drum styles from hard rock and metal, with the keyboard sounds of techno and atmospheric music and vocals reminiscent of synth pop.

Emotionally, the album paints a picture of deep emotional conflict, the struggle for love and acceptance and the insecurity and naiveté that comes from early youth.

Sweet Painful Reality tends to resonate with those who have experienced moments of alienation, hopelessness and unfocused rage at the seemingly unfair circumstances of young life.

Take A Listen

Below you can listen to all of the songs from Sweet Painful Reality.


#3 Endure
Probably the most catchy song, and a good place to start.

#6 In The Twilight
More atmospheric, but has a very energetic chorus.

#10 Of Heavenly Blood
The slow melancholy closer of the album.

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Liner Notes

Year released:

Niko Van Steenhoven: vocals, synths, drums.
Thomas Drinnen: guitars.

Gannon Kashiwa: guitar lead on endure.

Composition info:
Music and lyrics written by Niko Van Steenhoven.

Photography by Daniel Drinnen and Ed Done.

Production info:
Pre-production recordings done at Crucial Fiction Studios.
Recorded at Rocky Mountain Recorders.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Gannon Kashiwa.
Produced by Niko Van Steenhoven.


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